the three types of real estate investors
Stages are a part of life. There are stages in everything that you do. Every decision that you make is a series of stages. Not to be out done real estate is stages too. You are pro[...]
Building a website is part fun and part evil. There are many things that can go right and go wrong. Getting your website up and running is a glorious feeling. Witnessing loads of n[...]
social media
How much time do you waste in one day? Admit it. You probably waste a few hours searching or posting to social media websites. While a little fun and games is OK, it can be a real [...]
Do you have a YouTube channel? Great. What’s on it? That’s the question that most people ask and then there is complete silence. YouTube for some reason is thought to s[...]
How to Find Great Real Estate Content for Your Blog
Being in real estate is sometimes like its own little world. You can have your local team of contacts and people that you rely on each day. You might know a person or two out of st[...]

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