Putting listings together, uploading photos, publishing content and posting replies to your blog all take time. Anyone that tells you a blog is effortless is lying. It does take ti[...]
the three types of real estate investors
Stages are a part of life. There are stages in everything that you do. Every decision that you make is a series of stages. Not to be out done real estate is stages too. You are pro[...]
Building a website is part fun and part evil. There are many things that can go right and go wrong. Getting your website up and running is a glorious feeling. Witnessing loads of n[...]
social media
How much time do you waste in one day? Admit it. You probably waste a few hours searching or posting to social media websites. While a little fun and games is OK, it can be a real [...]
Do you have a YouTube channel? Great. What’s on it? That’s the question that most people ask and then there is complete silence. YouTube for some reason is thought to s[...]

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