You could be thinking that you already have a domain name. You might even be thinking how easy it is to click and buy a name. What you are thinking has nothing to do with buying a [...]
Building a website is part fun and part evil. There are many things that can go right and go wrong. Getting your website up and running is a glorious feeling. Witnessing loads of n[...]
How to Place Your Real Estate Backlinks Everywhere
So you have a website, blog, Twitter and multiple social media accounts. You are well on your way to creating a much larger presence on the Internet. As you know, nothing is just f[...]
Basic SEO Tips for Your Real Estate Website | Internet Marketing Real Estate
Forget business cards and signs because those are so 1950. If you are a modern real estate agent, finding a steady source of buyers is much easier and cheaper if you grasp technolo[...]
How to Find Real Estate Keywords for Your Blog
You can build a blog, market to an email list and use web 2.0  properties to market your listings. These methods work very well for grabbing the attention of potential buyers. One [...]

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