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Dear Friend,


Has the current housing market been frustrating lately?

It’s easier than ever to get your hands on properties for pennies on the dollar. This would be every real estate professional’s dream — if it wasn’t also a buyer’s market, making it tougher than usual to find prospects willing to take all those great deals off your hands.

It’s not surprising so few real estate professionals are making any real money these days. I’ve got news for you:

It’s not the economy.It’s not the current housing market.

Most people – even seasoned real estate professionals — are simply going about it the wrong way. They’re making the process entirely too complicated and time-consuming,expecting 20th century solutions to solve 21st century problems.

I have the answer. My real estate business is thriving today. Most real estate professionals I’m currently working with are having their best year ever working way less — and enjoying life way more doing it.

Who am I?

Ryan Michael Bush: I’ve been a full–time real estate investor since 2006. At the age of 26, I started working with one of America’s leading quick-turn real estate authorities, learning from one of the best possible experts in the industry. I quickly became his right-hand man. In 2007, I made a name for myself buying and selling homes in the Tampa area.

In recent years, I’ve combined my knowledge of real estate with my passion for and knowledge of Internet marketing to create a system for selling my properties that runs almost entirely on auto-pilot. My system is so effective, it’s been noticed by fellow industry teachers and gurus who invited me to share what I know with real estate professionals around the country. I’ve since shared the stage with such legends as Mark Victor Hansen, Ron LeGrand and Stephen Pierce.

Like so many other “rags to riches” stories, I started with no money — just a dream to make it big. Today, I still buy and sell real estate each month, but I’m also involved in a minimum of 50 different niche online businesses and I’ve become known as one of the leading authorities on Internet marketing for real estate professionals and local businesses.

What’s my secret?

It’s simple: I’ve developed proven Internet marketing strategies that can turn any business from good to great. Plug these power-strategies into real estate investing and you’ll find yourself inundated with prospects eager to hear about every deal you’ve found and more buying opportunities than you ever imagined were available.

FACT: 80%-90% of buyers today start their search for real estate deals online. This trend will only continue upward. That’s why you need more than just an online presence to gain a massive competitive advantage over your competition. You also have to master online marketing.

You need guidance to do this correctly, even if you already have a Website, even if you’re doing “ok” in the market right now. There’s simply too much to figure out to get it right all on your own and handle all the other aspects of running a profitable real estate investing business.

It’s not an admission of failure to seek help. My success happened quickly for me because I worked with a leading expert in my field. Yours will, too.

Fortunately for you, I’ve teamed up with three of my most respected colleagues to help you. Together, we’ve put together a complete training system designed to put you in touch with an endless stream of eager buyers and highly motivated sellers currently looking for you. You now have four seasoned professionals who each hold the keys to your success and who are also willing to show you the ropes the right way.

In addition to my knowledge and experience, you’ll also learn directly from:

Brian Hanson: Brian began his career as a real estate investor over ten years ago, Brian’s also a free Web traffic expert with over 400 Websites of his own. Just one of his sites gets over 200,000 unique visits per month in an extremely competitive market. He’s used his expertise to take his main business from a $1,500 investment to over $5 million in annual sales in just three years.


Francis Ablola: An expert at converting leads into customers, Francis has directed the online marketing operations of five Fortune 1000 business units. Since then, he quickly became known as the “hired-gun marketer” for today’s top real estate investing trainers, creating tens of thousands of new prospects and turning them into millions in revenue using persuasive advertising copy.


Bernard Ablola: Bernard helped launch Microsoft’s AdCenter, establishing and managing Pay-Per-Click campaigns for Fortune 1000 clients with over $20 Million in advertising spending. Companies like Ford, McDonalds, Toyota and many more. He knows what people search for, when they search and how to leverage this information for your business. When it comes to getting MORE from your advertising dollars, there are very few people on this planet more qualified.

Lucky you! I worked with just one expert. You now have the opportunity to work with Four! Even better, you can get all this help without leaving the comfort of your home or office, delivered to you in a complete training system designed for all levels of real estate investors, regardless of your current experience with online marketing.

“How to Market Houses Online” Is the Ultimate Money-Making, Money-Getting Course

Unlike most marketing courses, we start with the basics, assuming you know nothing. Then we walk you through each of the specific strategies you need to know, with detailed steps for putting them into action. These are all then tied together with live bi-weekly Q&A calls! Here’s what we’ll cover when you join us:

Module 1: Dominating Your Marketplace

Setting up your Websites for total Internet Marketing success.

All the tools you need to start pulling in massive Web traffic

Module 2: Free Traffic Boosters

The most successful free and low-cost Internet strategies you can easily use to dominate the marketplace.

Local search marketing techniques that put you in front of thousands of eager buyers and sellers.

“Ninja” Craigslist tactics, plus strategies designed to leverage dozens of other free classified sites for similar results

Module 3: Paid Traffic Boosters

The fastest ways to drive new seller and buyer leads to your business instantly.

You can literally start in minutes!

Sure-fire Google, Yahoo and MSN pay per click strategies.

Low-cost advertising strategies that enable you to reach your target market from Facebook’s 800+ million users

Module 4: Social Media Marketing

Quickly establish your brand and become a person of influence online that people want to work with and tell others about.

Build a massive free list of targeted seller and buyer prospects using social tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others.

Which Social Networks to focus your time on and how to manage them effectively in less than 1 hour per week.

Effectively market to your list to build trust, relationships and rapport, increasing sales when you do.

Module 5: Video Marketing

Low cost online video methods that produce big-budget sales and lead generation video results!

How to get professional online sales videos made for less than a cup of coffee (even if you never want to be on camera).

Ways to get your online sales videos spread across the Web and to the top of Google with just the click of a mouse.

Module 6: Hiring Virtual Cheap Labor

How to save loads of time and money doing what needs to be done, by using a virtual assistant.

The same campaign documents we use for our virtual assistants, so you can benefit from immediate implementation.

And Much More…

The list above barely scratches the surface of what you’ll learn from our “How to Market Houses Online” training course.Our goal is clear: this exclusive system, followed and applied properly, will turn you into a real estate investing “rock star” right away!

Most similar courses offering training alone sell for $2,000. My Team and I routinely charge $500 per hour for our time.

You’ll get six modules — plus access to live members only Q&A calls – all for a one-time super-low price – if you act quickly!

The bottom line…

You won’t survive long ignoring the current and future realities of this industry. Our new training system will get your business where you want it to be fast – then keep you ahead of the game into the foreseeable future.

We have tested thousands of online marketing strategies over the years. Some worked, most failed. We have spent millions of dollars testing these methods so you don’t have to. We’ve made all the mistakes for you, so you can use ONLY the strategies that work best.

We share strategies that work today and will work tomorrow – in every market. These are all proven money-making techniques you can use to sell anything and keep selling, on virtual auto-pilot, once they’re put into motion on your behalf.

How To Buy Houses Online Is More Than a Real Estate Marketing System — It’s a Money-Making System

Better still, you don’t need any technical experience or marketing knowledge, because we take care of everything!

We were planning to price this course at just under $2,000. It’s honestly worth much more. But, we also know the current state of the economy has most real estate investors hurting and you really need this information.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to offer this system for a price any serious investor could easily afford.

Act quickly, and you can get instant access to the “How to Market Houses Online” training system for only $47/mo with no minimum required commitment or just a one-time investment of just $497 for lifetime access!

But that’s not all! Accept my offer today and, in addition to the “How to Market Houses Online” system, I’ll include a killer bonus module, “Multiple Online Income Streams,” to help you make whole lot more money, a whole lot faster:

Bonus Module 7: How YOU Can Add An Extra Stream Of Income As An Internet Marketer

How to profitably apply the same basic principles we’ve shown you to any niche you choose!

Online business models you can easily cut-and-paste into action…and fast profits.

Where to get instant high-profit products people want to buy now.

Set-it-and-forget-it strategies to easily flood you bank account.

This bonus is my free gift to you, when you accept my offer today. I can and will remove it at any time.

Ryan Bush

PS: To make your decision risk-free, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Go through the program for four weeks. If you don’t feel fully confident that our system will change your business for the better, just say so and we’ll refund your one-time payment. No hard feelings — and the bonus module is yours to keep.

What Others Are Saying:

Andrea W. BayAreaKidsClub.Com: Wow what a “Find” When I decided to start an internet business I was dazed and confused because I knew nothing about where to start connecting the dots, setting up a website, getting traffic to it and whatever else you can think of. Ryan and his team have been flexible, patient, creative, professional and I feel like they’ve available for my every whim, change, emotion, and emergencies that had come up while building my online presence. All these months of working together have brought us close and not only do I appreciate this team, I feel they are friends. Whether you are new or not to the internet business it is critical that you have the proper guidance that will allow for your growth…Ryan is the MAN! Thanks Ryan for all you and your team have done for me you are the best and I will be referring you to anyone who asks!


Jason W. CanadianHomeBuyersNetwork.Com: I wanted to send you a big thank you! I took 1 of my sites live about 10 days after some training from you and your team and within days I already received a pile of leads of people dying to sell their house. One particular seller has 25 houses that she has to sell quickly as a part of her divorce. I now have these houses under contract and through JV partners and wholesaling them I stand to make between $250K-375K!! I wish I would’ve started with you sooner, I’m starting to see all the deals I’ve lost by not having an online presence that is professionally structured like the ones you provide.

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